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Australian Butter Fats comprar en Antiguo Cuscatlán
Comprar Australian Butter Fats
Australian Butter Fats

Australian Butter Fats

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Australian Butter Fats --A Natural Advantage

AUSTRALIAN BUTTER is churned directly from fresh cream and is recognised as the ideal way to perfect the flavour, texture and appearance of many foods.

ADG supplies Australian butter to the retail, food service and industrial food processing sectors. Australian butter is made using modern, fully automated continuous butter makers from the highest quality Australian raw milk. This makes the various Australian butters ADG offers among the worlds best quality. ADG's Australian butter is made from the physical churning of fresh pasteurised sweet cream. The high fat content of butter means that it has a high energy value. Australian Butter is typically minimum 82 % milk fat and max 16 % moisture. The removal of the non fat constituents creates anhydrous milk fat being 99.9% min milk fat.
Uses of butters
ADG's butter and anhydrous milk fat are used in a wide variety of applications including consumer spreads, cooking, recombination of liquid milks, bakery and pastry products, confectionery and ice cream.
Storage, handling and packaging
Butter supplied by ADG for ingredients processing is packed in 25 kg blocks with a primary polyethylene wrap in cardboard boxes. Anhydrous Milk Fat and Butteroil are supplied in 210 kg or 20 kg drums. This product does not require refrigerated storage. ADG recommends that butter should always be stored under refrigeration in an odour free environment. Long term storage can be effected by storing the product in a frozen state.
ADG's Australian made butter and anhydrous milk fat are produced in ISO 9001 factories and tested in NATA accredited laboratories in accordance to world standard.

Salted Butter*
Unsalted Butter*
Anhydrous Milk Fat*
Decolourised AMF*
Decolourised Butteroil*
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Australian Butter Fats
Australian Butter Fats
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