Australian Cream comprar en Antiguo Cuscatlán
    Australian Cream comprar en Antiguo Cuscatlán
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    Australian Cream comprar en Antiguo Cuscatlán
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    Australian Cream

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    Australian Cream --A Natural Advantage

    AUSTRALIAN CREAM is made directly from liquid milk and brings a rich, luxurious quality to foods that no other product can.

    ADG supplies Australian cream to the retail and industrial food processing sectors. Australian cream is made from choice quality Australian raw milk produced using the most current technology. This makes the quality of Australian creams among the worlds best. Australian creams are made with centrifugal force so that the lighter fat globules of cream rise from heavier skim milk. Australian frozen cream is free from any preservatives, stabilisers or emulsifiers.
    Uses of Creams
    ADG's creams are used in a wide variety of applications including retail, cooking, bakery and pastry products, confectionery and ice cream.
    Storage, handling and packaging
    Frozen Cream supplied by ADG for ingredients processing is packed in a 20 kg primary polyethylene bag in cardboard boxes. Extended shelf life sour and whipping creams are supplied in 1 litre tetra packs. ADG recommends that cream should always be stored under refrigeration in an odour free environment. Long term storage can be effected by storing the product in a frozen state at minus 18 deg Celsius.
    ADG's Australian made creams are produced in ISO 9001 factories and tested in NATA accredited laboratories in accordance to world standard specifications which are available upon request.

    Frozen Cream 44%
    Frozen Cream 69%*
    UHT Cream*
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    Australian Cream
    Australian Cream
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