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Driver PWM-75A

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Using this power supply, the current in amperes will not change when the HHO generator changes temperature or if a different size (larger) generator is attached. The current also remains constant as the electrolyte concentration changes during use. Since this power supply does it for you automatically, the current does not have to be continually readjusted as with constant voltage supplies ? just it adjust once (or when you want to change the set value). The desired current adjustment is done with a potentiometer from the dashboard or from the "DIGITAL EFIE" device (see our other auction, available in the store). The constant current supply also has an optional input signal for a thermal switch. This may be attached to the HHO generator to turn off the supply if a safe temperature is exceeded. It may alternately be connected to a fluid level sensor.
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Driver PWM-75A
Driver PWM-75A
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